Jobs that Attract the Most Women

14 Dec

1. Bartender: You don’t need to be worried about her knowing that you want to get her drunk.

2. Divorce Lawyer: You definitely know she is single.

3. Pediatrician: Where else can you find young cute moms?

4. Wedding Photographer: Everyone is in the mood for finding “love” at a wedding.

5. Plastic Surgeon: The quickest way to get her naked.


Tips From A Lesbian: Kissing Conduct; Eyes

11 Dec

Look down, or not at all. Don’t try to have eye sex while trying to kiss sufficiently. It will ruin your game.

Not cute when she accidentally opens her eyes and sees that you are staring at her. Creepy.


The Foreign Girl

9 Dec

Trying to get with those tourists sitting across from you? Try to listen and pick up on what language they are speaking. If that doesn’t work go up to them and just start talking. It doesn’t matter if they speak English or not just ask them this, “Teach me.” That sparks instant conversation. It shows you are listening, and it is damn smooth.


“Come back to my place”

Revenez à ma place. (French)

Komm zurück zu mir. (German)

Ven a mi casa. (Spanish)

Vieni a casa mia. (Italian)



“Do you want me to bring you some soup?”

8 Dec

Lets paint this picture:

You haven’t heard from a girl in a little while and you give her a call. She informs you that she hasn’t been feeling so well and is in bed.

This is a goldmine. Offer to bring her some soup. If she says yes, then you seem like a saint. If she says no and she wants to go to sleep, you still seem like a saint.

You get to her house and you drop off the soup. She says: Don’t come in, “I don’t want to get you sick.”

For the Germaphobe: You say, “Okay, see you tomorrow.”

For the I-don’t-give-a-crap guy: Get your ass inside. Talk to her and make moves. This is the easiest way to get into her apartment.

Warning: You might catch a cold.


A Man’s Issue: Snoring

5 Dec

After you get that cutie into your room, and “the deed is done,” and you start begin your well deserved snooze, you don’t have any control of what you are doing. Snoring is a huge issue for a lot of women. If she is a light sleeper, then she will not be happy. There are a few techniques that you should keep in mind when trying to avoid snoring. If these don’t help you, find the girl that is a heavy sleeper…


Snoring Facts

  • Snoring is made worse by alcohol and other sedatives
  • Overweight people are more prone to snoring
  • Sleeping on your back increases the chances of snoring
  • Colds, nasal polyps and allergies make snoring worse
  • Older people often snore due to muscular weakness that occurs with age
  • Medications may cause dryness or minor irritation of the nasal passageways and increase the incidence of snoring
  • A larger-than-usual uvula can limit airflow and cause snoring
  • Injuries to the nose that result in a deviation of the septum may result in snoring
  • Smokers are more likely to snore
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