How To Date Beautiful Girls: By Chris Chew

17 Dec
So you want to date beautiful girls? Let’s face it, which full blooded men don’t unless they are gays? So I shall be very candid with you.

Good looking beautiful women have it all. They have men on their fingers tips on demand. If they want sex with handsome attractive men, they can have it anytime and if they want money, many of guys will happily empty their wallets for her. So do you really want to dive into this seemingly unwinnable competition? You do? Okay, then read on.

Yes, having a beautiful girl drapping on your arm is a very exciting male ego boost. It increases your social status amongst fellow men and imagine what pleasures you can derive when you bring her to your bed.

While all of this is very exciting, there is a dark side to it when you want to date beautiful chicks. Although there are nice and decent attractive women, there are also some who can be rather shallow, self-centered and selfish. These women know the importance of their allure to men and so they often manipulate men for their own selfish purposes. When they are done with, they will dump their men and go on to look for another victim.

Afterall, beautiful girls are constantly getting male attention, so these chicks can afford to be very choosy about the guys they go on dates with and as such only handsome men with a lot of money to burn fit the bill.

So after reading all this, are you ready to give up the hope of dating beautiful women? If your answer is no, then here are some tips on how to be successful at dating beautiful girls if you are willing to make a few paradigm shifts in your dating strategy.

You see, beautiful girls have heard it all, so if you want to have any chance at all you will have to do something totally different from what the other guys are doing and that takes guts! Are you ready?

Treat her like she is just another plain Jane – When you are in a conversation with her, talk to her like you would with any other girl. Never get awe struck by her beauty nor start gushing compliments. In fact, do act a little aloof as if you do not give a heck about her beauty.

If you do not give her any special attention and at the same time openly paying attention to other women, she will be flustered because you will be the only guy who isn’t drooling over her. With some luck, she will be intrigued and will want to seek your attention instead. This is called attraction by rejection.

Tease and flirt with her – You see, most men when in the presence of a beautiful girl can only do two things. They either clam up in awe or showering her with compliments. So if you start teasing and flirting with her, you will capture her attention and her admiration.

So tell her things like you will only consider her out because she is really not your type and watch her jaws fall to the floor in shock and then have a good laugh together. By doing things like this and throwing her off, she will think of you as a dominant and very confident man and those are very attractive male attributes.

The main idea is to keep her intrigued and off balanced so that she will want to be with you simply because you are so very different from the other guys that want to be beholdened to her.

Never let your guard down and go wimpy with her though because the very moment she thinks that she is in charge, the game is over! So by being different from other wimpy men and bringing a refreshing change into her life, you might just be the breath of fresh air she has been waiting for a long time.

Of course these tactics are not magical charms that will snare you beautiful girls all the time, but you can certainly score well with some of them.

About the Author: Chris Chew is a fitness, health and relationship consultant. Read his free articles at and

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